Science Research Department, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research


SCIENCE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, ‘Alexandru I. Cuza’ University of Iaşi aims to contribute consistently in promoting the excellence in education and research in our University. Based upon its values, such as integrity, excellence in research and scientific relevance, as well as the quality of our human resources, this department offers first and foremost credibility and respectability regarding the scientific endeavor undertaken in our University.

Based on these pillars, the long-term goals of the Science Research Department, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of ‘Alexandru I. Cuza’ University of Iaşi, are:

  1. to nurture scientists distinguished by moral and intellectual qualities, who demonstrate creativity, originality, innovating spirit, and able to perform competitively in inter- and trans-disciplinary topics
  2. to contribute substantially to the added-value of excellence R&D output of our University, which should consolidate its status as a first class University inRomania, and assume the national leadership in promoting and further developing research and innovation themes situated in the forefront of the internationalized science
  3. all R&D efforts and subsequent results must be defined by utmost scientific quality and international visibility
  4. this Department must aim at becoming an international destination for top-notch research, undertaken in interdisciplinary fields, including nano- and bio-technologies, life- and earth sciences, molecular biophysics and medical physics, applied mathematics and computer science, the science of advanced materials.

The council of the Science Research Department

  • Senior Principal Researcher I habil. Mariana Neamţu (Science Research Department)
  • Prof. dr. habil. Romeo-Iulian Olariu (Science Research Department, CERNESIM)
  • Scientific Researcher II Sorin Taşcu (Science Research Department, RAMTECH)
  • Scientific Researcher II Alina Asandei (Science Research Department)
  • Scientific Researcher III Andrei Asăndulesei (Science Research Department, Arheoinvest)
  • Scientific Researcher III Felix Adrian Tencariu (Science Research Department, Arheoinvest)

The Director of the Science Research Department

Senior Principal Researcher I (research professor) dr. habil. Mariana Neamţu

‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University of Iaşi