Surface and Interface Physics Laboratory



Main research interests

The synthesis and characterization of nitrogen doped titanium dioxide thin films (TiO2:N)

The synthesis and characterization of WO3/TiO2 (TiO2/ WO3) multilayer

Main techniques involved

magnetron sputtering, laser ablation

Relevant “state of the art” equipment and techniques

X-ray photoelectron spectrometer PHI 5000 VersaProbe (Φ ULVAC-PHI, INC.), X-ray diffractometer, Lab X, XRD 6000 (Shimadzu), thin films’ thickness measurement device (Avantes), elipsometer (EL X-01R), atomic force microscope (NT-MDT Solver Pro-M)

Selected publications

1. M. Dobromir, G. Biliuta, D. Luca, M. Aflori, V. Harabagiu, S. Coseri, XPS study of the ion-exchange capacity of the native and surface oxidized viscose fibers, Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2011, 381 (1-3), 106-110

2. S.I. Tănase, D. Pînzaru Tănase, M. Dobromir, V. Georgescu, Morphology, magnetic, magnetoresistance and optical properties of Co-Ni-Mo alloys thin films, Applied Surface Science, 2011, 257 (24), 10903– 10909

3. M. Dobromir, M. Neagu, H. Chiriac, C. Agheorghiesei, A. Bulai, L. Velicu, Ellipsometric investigation of Fe-based amorphous thin films, Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid Communications, 2010,  4 (11),  1667-1669

4. A. Manole, V. Dascaleanu, M. Dobromir, D. Luca, Combining degradation and contact angle data in assessing the photocatalytic TiO2:N surface, Surface and Interface Analysis  2010, 42 (6-7), 947-954

5. M. Dobromir, Maria Neagu, G. Popa, H. Chiriac, V. Pohoaţă, C. Hison, Surface and Bulk Magnetic Behavior of Fe-Si-B Amorphous Thin Films, J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 2007, 316 (2), e904-e907