ACS drd. Dumitru Teodor Chelmuș


As a young researcher, my scientific activity in last year was concentrated on an introductory study in Optimization. In the last decades, this domain of research evolved with the aid of the Variational Analysis (in the 70s) which is a relatively new discipline. This duo also created the premises of development of computational algorithms and the adaption of the classical iterative schemes. It is important to mention that this interplay allow us to study the classical algorithms and to consider new modern perspectives. So, new and more general algorithms were proposed and all this allowed the researchers to built iterative schemes for some problems from their domain of research.

The main current fields of interest to me are Variational analysis, Regularity of set-valued mappings, Scalar and vector optimization, Set-valued optimization.

In the future, after the obtaining of the Ph.D. degree, I will continue the research in the field Optimization. It would be of interest to me the study of numerical aspects of Set-valued Optimization and Generalized Equations.

ORCID 0000-0002-0410-1592